The Cal Poly Graduate
Brenna - Magna Cum Laude

The Pre-party with Shirley, Aaron, Papa, Nana, Kim, Ben, Brenna Cha-Cha, Emz, Dayna & Darlene

Papa & Brenna

Ben, Brenna, Kim & Emmerson

Aaron & Brenna thinking about Grad School

Emmerson and a couch for Giveaway

Coberg Family Oklahoma Reunion 2012
Tulsa, Bristow & Stillwater

Back Row: Richard, Cathy, Kim, Thad, Thom, Andy, Ben & Soozie - Middle Row: Indigo, Sue Ann, Scout, Vera, Emmerson - Front Row: Victor, Mari, Ellis w/Baby Gus, Casey

The Magnificent Six of Seven: Richard, Thaddeus, Suzanne, Thomas, Mari Tonya and Kathryn

Left: The Twins - Right: Kimberly & Benjamin (Thad's wife and son)

Kevin Hayes, Richard & Cathy Coberg


Left: Ellis, Andy & Gus (Casey's Daughter & Family) - Right: Kimberly & Gus

Richard, Casey, Mari & Thad

Left: Indigo (Soozie's Granddaughter, Scout (Thom's Daughter) & Emmerson (Thad's Daughter)     Right: Victor Gramm (Soozie's Son) & Benjamin (Thad's Son)


Left: Thom, Thad, Tex Slyman & Richard - Right: The Coberg Girls - Casey, Mari & Soozie

Left: Kim, Emz, Richard & Ben - Right: Casey & Thad

Left: Thad @ The Bristow Homestead - Right: Ben, Richard & Emz @ The Stillwater Homestead


I've felt the same way many times Richard.

 Summer Vacation 2012
Lake Tahoe

The Coberg Duffers


Ben @ The Coberg Stonehenge on Diamond Peak, Incline Village, NV

Thad, Emz & Kim hike Diamond Peak outside Incline Village, NV

Cliff Jumping @ Angora Lake

Coberg kids learning a lifetime skill from the Dada.

 Alcatraz to San Francisco Open Water Swim Meet
Thaddeus Maximus  - "He who endures, conquers."

Few moments in your life are preceded with the words, "uh oh."  Here's one of them.

Alcatraz never seemed to move.

I'm the one in the yellow cap.

The Finish Line.

               Cheated Death again.               Hey wait.  There's Death.  He's two swimmers behind me.

The lone survivors.