Happy Birthday Emmerson!
Look who's getting gray and look who just turned 11.  Can you tell who's who?

Benjamin's 8th Grade Promotion
Hello Subiaco!  How happy we look!

Benjamin's 8th Grade Promotion

The Coberg's Celebrate!

Wharf & Aquarium Day Trip

Monterey, CA


San Francisco, CA

Wicked Cobergs

San Francisco, CA

Honeymoon Revisited
Seven Gables Inn

Honeymoon Revisited

Lover's Point @ Pacific Grove - Seven Gables Inn is left of tall tree

A Girl and her Piano

Emmerson started taking lessons this Fall

A Boy and his Dog
What's the deal with Dodger?

Happy Father's Day!
Love, Emmerson

Benjamin (13 years old)
Post Football Summer Pre-Season Evaluation

Post Shoulder Surgery

Thad's Surgical Framegrab
Right Shoulder Labrum Surgery

Home Coming Queen
Thomas, Phoebe, Queen Casey & Thaddeus

The Coberg Kids 1970's (Thad & Thom's 16th BDay)
Casey, Richard, Mari, Suzanne, Thaddeus, Mama, Thomas & Phoebe

Almeda Slaymaker Coberg
Happy Mother's Day, Mama!


Emmerson's First Holy Communion
May 16, 2009


Emmerson's First Holy Communion
Hey Father!

Emmerson's First Holy Communion
Nana & Mom take pictures

Emmerson's First Holy Communion
May 16, 2009 (She's right in the middle.)

Emmerson's First Holy Communion Party
A few of the girl cousins & Nana and Mom.
(L-R: Nana, Scout, Annika, Kim, Emmerson & Lanae)

Emmerson's First Holy Communion
Uncle Billy & Brother Benjamin

Emmerson's First Holy Communion Celebration
Uncle Andy & Aunt Juliana with Cousin Lydia

Emmerson's BDay Jig
Emm does her Birthday Jig below.  (Click on her picture to watch.)

Emmerson's 8th BDay Celebration!
The Birthday Girl - Emmerson Charlotte Coberg
Born: April 26, 2001 @ 11:49pm - 7 lbs, 2.5 oz
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Recently, Emmerson was honored as "Star of the Week" in her 2nd grade class.  It's a recognition enjoyed by each and every kid in her home room over the course of the year.  As  the "Star," they get to be the Line Leader and do things like assign table points (whatever that means).  As a parent, I'm required to write something special about "Why my Child's a Star" that will be read in front of the class.  Below is my submission.

Why Emmerson is a Star

Emmerson is a star because her love burns brightly.
Emmerson is a star because she dances across the skies of our lives.
Emmerson is a star because her eyes twinkle when she laughs.
Emmerson is a star because she’s an old soul that has traveled many years to be here.
Emmerson is a star because she is steady, strong and appears every evening.
Emmerson is a star because we love to gaze at her.
Emmerson is a star because she is a luminous ball of plasma that is held together by its own gravity. We adore her.

Love, your Father

Emmerson's 8th BDay Celebration!
More Aunts & Uncles stop by for the birthday festivities on April 26th.
(Left to Right) Uncle Jack & Auntie Myrna Severin, Sweet Kimberly (Mommy) Coberg, Aunt Debbi Reinschmiedt, Uncle Thom Coberg, Emmerson (BDay Girl) and Uncle Billy Reinschmiedt.

Emmerson's 8th BDay Celebration!
Maternal Grandparents, Charlotte Severin, RN and Gerald Severin, MD, (a.k.a. - Nana & Papa) stop by for the birthday festivities on April 26th.  And don't forget her ever-cheerful brother, Benjamin Coberg, 13 years old.  As you can tell, this is the only place on Earth he'd rather be!

Emmerson's Sweet Ride
Emma turns Eight on April 26th.  Nana & Papa gave her this new bike to commerate the occasion.  Nice!  Ride, Emma, Ride!

Vaughn Folks Visits

Here's my old friend, Vaughn Folks (on the right), with my even older friend, Billy Reinschmiedt, (on the left).  Vaughn recently stopped by the Bay Area on Federal Bank business.  Billy and I took Vaughn out to dinner at LeCheval's and then gave him a good ol' fashioned Oakland, CA, "Hello," (read: mugging), as we walked him back to the parking lot.  It was great seeing Vaughn and visiting old times!  Go Cowboys!

SyberVision Golf
A recent location production shot at the Quail Lodge Resort, Monterey, California.
I'm directing golf talent for an upcoming "self-help" golf series featuring Professional golfing champion, Bobby Clampett.

"Time is Brain"

Premiere @ Grand Lake Theatre - Oakland, California

I co-wrote and directed this documentary that draws upon the personal stories of lives impacted by a stroke. The objective was for the viewer to come away with a clear understanding of the symptoms and the critical importance of getting medical help as quickly as possible.

Happily, "Time is Brain" won the 2008 International Health and Medical Media Award in the  Heart Disease and Stroke  Category.  The presitgious FREDDIE Award is recognized among filmmakers worldwide as "the Oscars" of medical and health programming.