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COBERG NEWS - March 2018
 - Thaddeus Coberg, Editor
This website deserves more attention!  It's been almost a year and there are too many events to mention.  Aaron & Brenna continue to embrace their life in Nebraska.  Brenna is scheduled to finish her advanced Nursing program @ Creighton in August and Aaron's Air Force JAG duties may find them closer to the East Coast soon afterwards.  Ol' Ben Coberg is sewing up his Junior Year at San Diego State in Business and Emmerson is starting to look at College programs emphasizing Nursing.  Southern Oregon U is leading the pack.  My company, Flip2Media, started an Advertising Agency division in January.  With Flip2Agency now in play, we needed to update our website.  See us at

Our Swedish cousin, Lennart Kåberg, his wife Lena and friends visited SF in March.  It was great to finally meet this special guy in person.  They spent their time in the Bay Area, Carmel & Ventura sight seeing.  They dug the Dimm Sum @ Yank Sing in SF with me, Kim, Thom & Sue.

April 2017
Holy Cow!  Change is the operative word for the Cobergs these days.  Ben is preparing to head off to San Diego State this Summer,  Emmerson is getting her driver's license, Thaddeus is joining the RCIA Team at St. Michael's and Brenna is beginning the advanced Nursing program at Creighton.

Love this Angel!

Ben visits San Diego State University

Emz drives!

Thad's Confirmation Candidate, Fermin, receives his Sacraments! 

November 2016
Not a great time to take a family photo, but one that we were all thankful to be together as we celebrated the life of our patriarch, Dr. Jerry Severin.  A great man we will miss profoundly.

January 2016
Happy New Year!

March 2015
Wedding Bells!  My sweet daughter, Brenna, married Mr. Wonderful, Aaron Brynildson on March 1st.  It was a beautiful ceremony at Wente Vineyards in Livermore.  As Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriages, County of Alameda, I had enjoyed the privilege of performing the ceremony.

February 2015
Thought I'd post my company, Flip2Media's latest Commercial Sample Reel.  The first clip is a national commercial we produced with RBG Advertising.

August 2014
Lots happening.  A very busy Spring & Summer @ Home & Work for the Cobergs!  I am going to find time to post these items soon.  In the meantime, enjoy this picture of my twin brother, Thom.

February 2014
This year is still in its infancy and there is already so much for which to be thankful. 

A wedding engagement, a budding theatrical star and a new business enterprise were among the events that presented themselves as the year closed, holding grand promise for 2014.


Our daughter Brenna accepted the proposal of her long time beau, Aaron Brynildson while walking the beach in Hawaii.  They plan to exchange vows in March 2015.


While planning for the big day has  just begun, one important detail has already been crossed off the to-do list.  A Bridesmaid named Emmerson.


In addition to the usual line of theatrics that Cobergs are known for, another member of our tribe has answered the call of the Arts and it turns out that he’s a gifted thespian.  Ben’s first starring role came as the “everyman hero” of the zombie themed film, Apokelypse.  He followed that with the role of Oberon in a 70’s themed stage production of Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream.  I know I’m the Dad, but I’m also somewhat of a talent critic, given my profession, and I was really impressed with his performance.  I was surprised that the guy on stage was actually our Boy.  He made all the relatives attending on Closing Night very proud.  Next up for Ben is the lead in another Shakespearian effort, Fortinbras.

Another big development for 2014 is a professional one.  In December, the LMA Partners decided to change our business structure from a LLC to a S-Corp.  The change also offered us an opportunity for re-branding the company to more accurately reflect the scope of work we do.  Consequently, LMA Productions, LLC was closed after over 2o years in the Bay Area production arena.  The assets were sold and a new corporation was founded by me and Doug Mann - Flip2Media, Inc.  Glenn Shockley will join the ownership any day now.  We began on January 1, 2014.  Among our existing projects, we recently signed an ongoing agreement with a national fitness company and F2M will begin a weekly live broadcast for a shopping channel venture in the Spring.  Flip2Media, the new insatiable beast.


Thaddeus the Maximus live directing a fitness show on the F2M TV Stage.

Recent fun stuff.


Kim, her sister Julie and I went to see The Eagles in concert.  They’re no Grateful Dead, but it was an excellent show.  Hit after hit after hit.  It reminded my of how prolific that Band was over the last 4 decades.  Joe Walsh stole the show’s second half.  Great time.

Here’s two throwback pictures I found from the 70s.


The Coberg kids gather for some picture taking.

 Here’s one of me and my old girlfriend, Miss Arkansas, Debbye Baltz!  I look so good, I should’ve run for office.

 That’s the Coberg News for now.  We continue to be blessed with good health, good grades and unconditional love.  So far, so good.

October 2013
It's another one in the books for the Coberg Twins and one step closer to the edge!

February 2013

I had a business meeting in Alameda recently and decided to stop by my old stomping grounds to reminisce.  Some of my fondest days were spent beach-living on Shoreline Drive.  I lived on the top floor of a three story apartment building with a view of San Francisco.  It was centrally located to the City, Oakland, Berkeley and other area hotspots.  My bachelor days there were a bunch of fun.  I have to say that I left it "all out on the floor" and safely inoculated myself against the dreaded mid-life crisis.  That said, I wouldn't trade the wonderful life I have now for a million yesterdays.

Here's my new gadget for 2013.  The Misfit Shine: a wireless activity tracker.
It not only tracks activities like running and cycling, but I was drawn to it because you can wear it swimming too.  It's tiny so you can wear anywhere.  It's built as a single piece of all metal construction giving it a polished, elegant appearance like wearable art.  
To sync, just lay it on your phone.  Cool.

January 2013
More honors and accolades...The Church has enlisted another soldier for Jesus Christ!  After 2 years of classes, workshops and retreats, Ben received the Sacrament of Confirmation this month.  He is now recognized as an adult member of the Catholic Church and the master of own his spiritual journey.  Pictured below is Benjamin "Jude Thaddeus" Coberg with his Sponsor and older sister, Brenna.

With only four and half months of practice under her belt, Emmerson grabbed her flute and performed with her Junior High School band at Winter Band Concert.  They did a great job!
I'm always impressed with people who can play instruments.  Along with the piano, Emz now plays two.

The New Year arrives bestowing honor and accolades for one special member of the Coberg Tribe.
Emmerson Charlotte Coberg has earned her place on the Christensen Middle School 1st Trimester Honor Roll - Gold Listing with a perfect 4.0 GPA.  Congratulations Sweet Girl!  No prouder parents have walked this Earth!  (Thank your Mother for both your beauty and your brains.)

November 2012
Click on the image below and check out the new AT&T Uverse commercial featuring me and Ben.
Then stay turned for our new spinoff reality series, "Keeping Up with the Cobergs!"

September 2012
I have to say, the Summer of 2012 was one of the most memorable seasons of my journey.  We had Brenna’s graduation from Cal Poly followed by our first trip in 18 years back to Oklahoma for a real Coberg family reunion – visiting Tulsa, Bristow and Stillwater.  Then it was our annual vacation to Lake Tahoe and Incline Village.  And then my personal Coup de Gras – swimming in the Alcatraz to San Francisco open water race.

Yes, a very busy and really fun time.  The best part?  I spent all of it with my wonderful family.  I am truly blessed.

Check out the Summer of 2012 Photo Page for glimpses of these special moments like these:

The Cobergs prepare for their 133rd round of Miniature Golf!

Billy Reinschimedt & my brother, Thom stop by for some "End of Summer" Labor Day Festivities.

July 2012

Summer is in full swing and we just returned from the Coberg Family Reunion 2012 in Oklahoma.  Our accomodations at the Hard Rock Casino & Resort - Tulsa were interesting & fun - a perfect choice for this bunch of Cobergs.  I'll be posting photos of the event and some of our other travels while home in the Sooner State soon.

June 2012

Our oldest  daughter, Brenna, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cal Poly this month with a degree in International Business.  Congratulations Sweet Girl!  The Coberg Nation is very proud of you!

The Children of Richard & Almeda Coberg Family's Reunion is scheduled for the 1st week of July in Bristow, Oklahoma.  Anybody who's related, interested or we might owe money to is invited to come.  Look for photos of the festivities soon.

May 2012

Mark was a Prince of a man.  One of the most intelligent, clever & witty guys I've ever met.  We've been great friends since our college days at Oklahoma State.  We shared love and aggravation with both the Pokes and the Oakland Athletics.  I'll miss our Reno/Tahoe gambling excursions and the stories he used to tell.  There was never a dull moment with Mark.  Everyone who knew him, loved him.  The world isn't as "cool" now as it used to be.  But I bet Heaven is laughing pretty hard.

Mark Reynolds
1958 - 2012

December 2011
Facebook has ruined me for keeping up with this website.  One of my resolutions for 2012
is to do a better job working this site.  In the meantime, we wish all of our friends and family
a warm and wonderful Holiday Season.  And remember, Keep The Christ in Christmas!

Brenna (21), Benjamin (16) & Emmerson (10)

March 2011

My oldest and dearest Friend.  Save me a place.  Love you, Man

John W. Bryant, Jr.
1957 - 2011

June 2010
Holy Cow!  School is already out for this academic year and we're headed into Summer.  Where does the time go?  It's a milestone year for the Boy.  Benjamin graduated from 8th grade.  So I guess there will be veiled references of Subiaco over the next couple of months.


There are couple of family Promotion pictures under the Photographs tab.  Oh yeah, and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ME!

April 2010
I've got to a better job on updating this dang website.  Wishing everyone a "Happy New Year!" in April is bound to receive a few mixed reactions, and that's putting it diplomatically.

It's been a great year so far because we have already checked off a couple of items on Kim's Bucket List.  We went to San Francisco recently and caught "Wicked" at the Orpheum Theatre.  We also had a chance to take a day trip to the Carmel and Monterey area.  The Monterey Aquarium was at the top of the trek's to-do list.  I've included some images from these events under the Photographs tab.

Ben has his 8th Grade promotion in June.  One of his penultimate activities was a class trip to Washington, DC and New York City.  (Why didn't we get to do anything like that at Bristow?)
He had a great time and learned alot.  It's a big world out there.

Brenna has moved forward with her studies and is now a Junior at Cal Poly. (Holy Cow!) She's still making A's in all of her classes.

Emmerson turns Nine on the 26th of this month.  It's all we talk about at the moment.  I'm protesting and declaring that I won't recognize the anniversary because she promised me when she was three that she wouldn't grow up.  From what I can tell, she's reneging.  Happy Birthday, Cheater!

October 2009

Ever been to Asilomar?  It's a rustic conference center on the coast just outside of Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA.  I just returned from 10 days there directing two different projects.  Carmel is considered one of the most beautiful places on Earth, but after that length of time it was starting to get to me.  Asilomar

I did get a chance to visit Carmel's Harvest Food & Wine Festival while I was away.  Pat Mulvey, LMA's Director of Business Development, and I had a great time.  I'm including some photos under the Photographs tab.

We also had a chance to stroll around Pacific Grove, CA for a bit.  Kim and I spent our Honeymoon there and I've included a couple of photos of Lover's Point and the Bed & Breakfast where we stayed.  You might recognize the Seven Gables Inn.  It was featured in a Visa commercial a couple of years ago.

Many Birthdays this month.  Best wishes to my late Mother, Almeda, my Mother-in-Law, Charlotte Severin, my Sister-in-Law, Juliana Frey, my buddy, David Smeltzer, my dear friend, Debbi Reinschmiedt and my favorite twin brother, Thomas Coberg.

September 2009
Three out of four of my sisters have Birthdays in September.
Casey (9/11), Soozie (9/20) and Mari (9/23).  Happy Birthday Girls!  For me, each of them have their own special place in my heart and my memories.  Thank you for bringing me up!  (You wing nuts.)
July 2009
We're off to the North Shore of Tahoe for the 4th of July Weekend /Vacation as we've done for the last 17 years.  We spent yesterday with Kim's family celebrating her brother and sister-in-law's (Jack & Myrna) 17 year wedding anniversary.  It was an all day BBQ & pool party.  I'm still full.
Happy 4th of July!

My new favorite website.  These guys are hilarious.  The Todd & Tyler Radio Empire.

I can totally do this.  Basketball foward flip shot.

My son, Ben, completed his football tryouts for this upcoming season last weekend.  He's 13.  5'5". 147lbs.  25 pushups (30 seconds).  40 yards (4.5 seconds).  He's getting tall, fast & good looking.  (Thank goodness for Kim.  She's flushed out the Coberg gene pool!)  See Ben under the "Photographs" tab for a recent picture.  Sorry Subiaco.  He's resisiting attending.  Thank his Mother for that, Subi.

Well, my shoulder surgery was successful, May 26th. I now have two things I would wish on my worse enemy.  The first is food poisoning.  The second is shoulder surgery.  Holy cow, that hurt.  As they were wheeling me in, one nurse said, "You know, shoulder surgery is the most painful elective surgery that you can have."  I said, "What?  You're kidding me?  You're just now mentioning this?"  She said, "You didn't ask."  There is a special place in hell for nurses like her.

I posted a picture of me under the "Photographs" tab after I got home.  I look like the Bionic Man with half of a football shoulder pad.  It consists of a shoulder immbolizer and a cryo-cuff (ice pack).  I'm on painkillers and look very happy.  I've also included a frame grab of the actual procedure.  My Doctor videotapes his work.  Check out the blue cable.  It's anchoring one thing to something else.  He told me what, but I was never good at paying attention.  Let's just blame it on the painkillers...or the fact that Mom loved Thom more.

A note from my Brother, Richard.  I thought this was cool.

Liliata rutilantium te confessorum turma circumdet: iubilantium te virginum chorus excipiat
(May the crowd of joyful confessors encompass thee; may the choir of blessed virgins go before thee.)

"Love and best wishes to all of the Coberg Children as we edge closer to the cliff."

(Ain't that the truth, brother.  Let's all hold hands!  and JUMP! - Thaddeus)

I love this photo.  Thom, me & Phoebe.  Sometime in the 60's.
I've included a couple of other memories under the "Photographs" tab.

Kim and I spent the first weekend in May at Mendocino, CA celebrating her Birthday.  It rocked.  We had a great time.   Headlands Inn

Mother’s Day was spent with Kim’s mother, Charlotte, and the immediate Severin family.  We brunched at the Railroad Café in Livermore, CA.  We always enjoy these get-togethers.  But here’s to my mom, Almeda Slaymaker Coberg!  Someone once asked my older brother, Richard, if he’d ever be half the man our mother was?  He, my brother Thom and I can only wish.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mama! (See her picture under the Photographs tab.)

Our youngest daughter, Emmerson, celebrated her First Holy Communion recently.  We are very proud of her accomplishment.  Another bride for the church!  I've included a couple of pictures of the event under the Photographs tab.

Emmerson also wants to thank our Swedish Cousin, Lennart, for his sweet thoughts on her birthday!